Up to 30 Manchester United fans in Nigeria were electrocuted while watching their game against Anderlecht.

Manchester United have expressed their sorrow at learning of their number of fans were electrocuted while watching their Europa League match against Anderlecht.

The event occured in Calabar and up to 30 supporterts are feared dead as a result of an electrical cable falling onto them.

Man Utd sent their sympathies to those caught up with the tragedy on twitter.

“Around 10pm we were called that an incident that has happened so immediately our men went there, a police statement said.

“Until this morning we have about seven persons dead, we have 10 that have been admitted to hospital and another one in intensive care.

“According to the information we gathered the high tension electric cable that was very close to the viewing centre fell on the building.”

“While commiserating with the families of the victims of the tragedy, the governor promised that the state government would look into the likely cause of the incident to prevent re-occurrence, a coverage of Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River stated.

“No fewer than 30 persons died on Thursday night in Calabar at a viewing centre while watching the Europa Football League match between Manchester United and Anderlecht.

“The incident happened at about 9.30 p.m at Nyagasang area of Atimbo in Calabar Municipality Local Government Area of the state.”

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