Former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has revealed the positions which United needs to strengthen.

Though the Portuguese did not reveal their names but he confirmed he still wants a wide player and a midfielder.

Mourinho urged Manchester United last week to get him at least one more player but he has now revealed the prioritised areas which is in midfield and wing.

“I’m happy with my squad but I would like to have two more players, I never hide that, one player a midfield player would give me more options to the balance and the team,” Mourinho said.

“Another one an attacking player, especially that can play through the wings to give me more attacking options but I never speak about players that belong to other teams.

“I don’t like if any manager comes and would say he would like one of my players, that’s not correct. I would like two more players but probably I only get one.”

Manchester United have been left frustrated in the pursuit of Interest Winger Perisic as his club confirmed they are still waiting for the right offer after several United bids.

Mourinho also confirmed he is not in charge of United’s transfer activity.

“I don’t know, honestly, Ed is in control, he did Lindelof and Lukaku, he knows that I would like two more players but he also knows that I have balance,” Mourinho added.

“I depend on the situation, the market, and if my club is unable to do two players and just one, I accept that as a consequence of the market now.

“Our relationship is good and I just wait for good news, and good news is to have the players, maybe just the player as soon as possible because to work together with the team is really important.

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“But I’m calm, I like my players, I like my squad, I trust them, so I’m calm and that’s important.”

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