Nigeria Manchester United fans up to 30 electrocuted watching match

Up to 30 Manchester United fans in Nigeria were electrocuted while watching their game against Anderlecht. Manchester United have expressed their sorrow at learning of their number of fans were electrocuted while watching their Europa League match against Anderlecht. The event occured in Calabar and up to 30 supporterts are feared […]

Jose Mourinho: I wasn’t disappointed with Ibrahimovic


The 35-year-old was dropped to the bench in Manchester United’s 2-0 over Chelsea, but Mourinho insists his criticism was not meant for him. Jose Mourinho insisted he was not criticising Ibrahimovic after he slammed his frontmen for not killing off their Europa League match against Anderlecht. The Portugese manager stated […]

Pogba: i’m expected to be a defender, midfielder and striker

The midfielder believes expectations expected of him is unfair following his world record transfer to Manchester United. He has scored seven goals and five assists in 43 appearances in all competitions in a deeper midfield role under Mourinho. The 24-year-old feels criticism against him has been done based on goals. […]