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Nemanja Matic names two Man Utd players who were ‘always late’ for training

Nemanja Matic disclosed that the consistent tardiness of Paul Pogba and Jadon Sancho irked Manchester United’s players.

Matic made a £40 million move from Chelsea to Manchester United during Jose Mourinho’s tenure at Old Trafford in 2017.

The 35-year-old, now with Ligue 1’s Rennes, expressed astonishment at the disparity in player discipline between his experiences at Chelsea and United.

Additionally, Matic asserted that he chaired an ‘internal disciplinary committee’ during his five seasons at Old Trafford, aimed at enhancing standards within the team’s dressing room.

‘At Chelsea, players acted professionally, they were punctual and were never late for training but at United it happened almost every day,’ Matic said in an interview with YuPlanet.

‘Among the players who would always be late were Paul Pogba and Jadon Sancho and couple of other players.

‘The rest of us who were always on time were angry so we decided to form a kind of an internal disciplinary committee with me serving as its president.

‘I put a sheet of paper up on the wall where I documented the names of individuals arriving late. During one particular season we collected around £75,000 in fines.

‘We had planned to use the money to throw a party in London but we didn’t due to the Covid outbreak.’


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