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Cristiano Ronaldo will have a negative effect on Man Utd – Carragher

Jaime Carragher and Peter Schmeichel traded barbs over the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo as the former Liverpool player says he thinks the deal will prove to be a bad one for Manchester United.

Ronaldo joied United this summer, returning to the club 12 years after he initially left for Real Madrid to continue his push towards being regarded as one of the best.

And, with his return, Schmeichel believes the Red devils can now reach a new level while Carragher isn’t so sure.

“I’ve never seen so many ex-Manchester United players almost looking love-struck by the sign of Cristiano Ronaldo so it’s a huge moment for them,” Carragher said on a call promoting CBS’ coverage of the Champions League in the U.S.

“He is one of the greatest players of all time, no doubt, but I actually think it may have a negative effect on Manchester United.”

In response, Schmeichel fired back at the former Liverpool defender, saying that he believes that Ronaldo has what it takes to take the club to a new level.

“I don’t think you said anything wrong, but there’s a word that you said: ‘I think it will have’. I think you should say, ‘I hope there is a negative effect’. It’s a big, big difference. I don’t think there is a negative effect in that signing,” said the former Red Devils goalkeeper.

“I think it’s a marquee signing. It’s one of the best signings that the club has made in 10 years, and it’s something we as fans, we’ve been hoping for something of this calibre.

“People say that he’s way past the sell-by date, that he wasn’t as good as he has been when he was that Juventus but the fact is, in his weak season, which is three years ago at Juventus, he scored 28 goals. Last season he scored 37 goals.

“If you can score half that or add half those goals to a Manchester United season, then it’s going to be a fantastic season.

“Also because of who he is, the experience he has at the international level, it gives us a shot of competing at to the very end in the Champions League. PSG this season, it looks on paper, it looks like an unbeatable team but they have got a lot to prove. And so has Liverpool.”

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