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Bellingham reported to La Liga after calling Mason Greenwood a ‘rapist’

Getafe has lodged a complaint against Jude Bellingham with La Liga authorities, alleging that the England midfielder referred to Mason Greenwood as a ‘rapist’ during their match against Real Madrid on Thursday.

The incident took place during Madrid’s 2-0 victory when Bellingham tackled Greenwood near the touchline.

Following the ball going out of play, a television camera captured Bellingham uttering a two-syllable word towards Greenwood, though the exact words were not picked up by the audio.

After the match concluded, reports from Cadena SER suggest that Getafe formally requested the inclusion of Bellingham’s alleged comment in the official match report to prompt a potential investigation into the matter.

If charged and found guilty by La Liga, Bellingham may face a suspension. However, it remains uncertain whether officials will take any action.

This encounter marked the first time Bellingham faced Greenwood in the Spanish top flight since the Manchester United forward joined Getafe on loan in September.

Greenwood’s move to Spain occurred in the final hours of the summer transfer window, following an internal investigation by United.

The investigation concluded that the 22-year-old should restart his career elsewhere after his arrest in January 2022 for attempted rape, controlling behavior, and assault.

While all charges against Greenwood were dropped last February, United faced significant backlash from supporters over the prospect of his return.

It is now understood that United is open to selling Greenwood to generate funds for the upcoming summer transfer window.

When asked about Bellingham’s slur towards Greenwood, former La Liga referee Iturralde Gonzalez told Spanish radio station Cadena SER: ‘You can be sanctioned if you really say that, but if Getafe wants to defend its player, what it can do is take the case to the Competition Committee.

‘The League will do what it has to do, but they can appear at the Competition Committee with those images and accuse him of what he said.’

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