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Rudiger in training ground ‘fight’ with Germany teammate before Scotland opener

Germany’s preparations ahead of their Euro 2024 opening game against Scotland took an unwanted turn in a public training session on Monday.

It is being reported that a ‘heated’ bust-up took place between Antonio Rudiger & Niclas Fullkrug as 4,000 supporters watched on.

German publication BILD claim Real Madrid defender Rudiger repeatedly pulled Fullkrug down in one particular training drill.

And after a ‘tough’ tackle resulted in Fullkrug hitting the deck, the Borussia Dortmund attacker ‘cursed’ at his Germany teammate.

In fact, the report claims Fullkrug headed immediately towards Rudiger and they both pushed each other, ‘almost’ coming to blows as a result.

Germany assistant coach Sandro Wagner is said to have stepped in to separate the duo.

A drinks break was called shortly after the altercation, and according to BILD, both Rudiger and Fullkrug were still upset by the incident.

Wagner, to his credit, went over to try and calm Rudiger down as a livid Fullkrug ‘stomped’ past the Germany central defender.

Rudiger, meanwhile, failed to return to the team session & instead went for a run with the fitness trainer to ‘probably’ cool down from the events.

The incident comes just days before the opening game of Euro 2024, when Germany take on Scotland at the Allianz Arena.

Meanwhile, it is also suggested that Fullkrug and Rudiger are very good friends.

In fact, on Monday, Fullkrug named the Real Madrid star as one of the players he gets on with most within the 26-man squad.

Both players also played in the Champions League final on June 1 as Real Madrid secured their 15th European Cup with a 2-0 victory over Borussia Dortmund.

And ahead of the match, Fullkrug opened up on his friendship with Rudiger.

“He’s a good boy, I love him. I like him because he’s very honest, even if he’s aggressive,” the 31-year-old said.

“In training he’s the same: he’s a natural leader. He comes towards you and it seems like he wants to kill you (laughs). But I’m like that too and I love playing against this type of opponent.”


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