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Cristiano Ronaldo falls short behind world’s richest footballer despite £1.3bn deal

Cristiano Ronaldo has fallen short of becoming the world’s richest footballer despite his mega-rich move to Saudi Arabian side Al-Nassr.

The former Manchester United star made the move to the Middle-East on Friday as he penned a two-and-a-half year contract, although he is expected to stay for longer than that deal to head Saudi Arabia’s push for the 2030 World Cup.

It is a huge deal that is set to earn Ronaldo up to £173million-a-year, which is equivalent to £3.3m per week – the wealthiest contract in world football.

Ronaldo is set to stay at Al-Nassr in an ambassadorial role once he retires from playing football which is set to keep him at the club for seven years and he could earn up to £1.3bn if he stays there for that long.

But, despite his new fountain of wealth, Ronaldo’s bank balance is still small compared to former Arsenal and Chelsea youth star Faiq Bolkiah who is worth a mouth-watering £13billion.

Although he isn’t well-known amongst the general football fan, Bolkah is the world’s richest player, and already wealthier than Ronaldo. But, unlike Ronaldo, Bolkiah hasn’t amassed his wealth on the pitch – and his fortunes are nothing to do with how much he earns while playing football.

The 24-year-old is the nephew of the Sultan of Brunei, while his father is a prince in the southeast Asian country, but he chose to go his own way and pursue a career as a professional athlete.

After spells at AFC Newbury and Southampton, the latter when the Saints were still outside the Premier League, he joined Chelsea’s academy as a teenager.

He also spent time at Arsenal, before eventually joining Leicester City in 2016, with the club handing him a three-year deal which became four.

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