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Thiago Silva’s wife issues apology after calling for Pochettino’s sack

Belle, the wife of Thiago Silva, has offered an apology for her remarks urging Chelsea to dismiss Mauricio Pochettino on Sunday.

Following Chelsea’s 4-2 loss to Wolves at Stamford Bridge, Belle Silva posted on the social media platform X, stating: ‘It’s time to change. If you wait any longer it will be too late.’

Pochettino confirmed on Tuesday that he had discussed the incident with Thiago Silva but stressed that the specifics of their conversation remain confidential.

Although Belle Silva has not removed her Sunday post, she has since expressed regret for the significant impact caused by her reaction following Chelsea’s 10th Premier League defeat.

‘I’m sorry that my personal outburst as a passionate Chelsea fan has caused such an impact. I’m passionate about the team, I thrive on victories and I’m saddened by defeats,’ Belle Silva posted on X on Wednesday.

‘We all want the same thing, a winning team, come on Chelsea!!’

When asked if his relationship with Thiago Silva is good, Pochettino said: ‘Well, you can ask [him]. I think good. I think very good.

‘Yes, I think it’s always been good. From the beginning, you can see [that in] my press conferences and interviews, in the way I am always talking about him.’

Speaking on his conversation with Thiago Silva after his wife’s social media post, Pochettino said: ‘I think the important thing is he came and wanted to talk with me.

‘And, of course, he knows me after more than ten years ‒ who I am. We are a very strong coaching staff and [he knows] the way we operate.

‘Of course, he came to talk and we talked and I think that was private. And that’s it. It’s a private thing to keep inside.’

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