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De Bruyne snubs Liverpool when picking Premier League’s toughest grounds to play in

Manchester City playmaker Kevin De Bruyne has taken aim at the atmosphere at Anfield by saying that it is wildly inconsistent.

The City star has been in England since a big-money move from Wolfsburg back in the summer of 2015. In that time, the Belgian has experienced some of the most iconic stadiums that the world has to offer.

Asked by Sky Sports which he believes is the standout out of Newcastle’s St James’ Park, Anfield or Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, he was clear on his opinion. He ranked St James’ Park at the top of the list, with Liverpool’s home ground behind.

De Bruyne then claimed Arsenal’s home ground was clearly at the bottom in his opinion.

Asked to explain his selections, he said: “Even when they [Newcastle] were not going well, the atmosphere was still quite good. I think for Liverpool, I saw a difference, like obviously it’s a big game between us, but I feel like there’s a difference when it’s Champions League or a night game than when you play a 12 o’clock kick off.

“I feel these two [Newcastle and Liverpool] are a bigger atmosphere than Arsenal. I feel like last year was much, much better. Obviously it’s been tough for them, the years before it was a little bit less.”

Man City and Arsenal went head-to-head last campaign for the Premier League title, with the Belgian seeing a distinct improvement in the atmosphere in North London. He picked out a particular clash between the two sides back in early 2018.

The two teams clashed in a League Cup tie, with City running out 3-0 winners. There was a rematch in the Premier League and Guardiola’s side racked-up the same scoreline.

De Bruyne has since claimed the mood around the stadium was palpable. He added: “There’s much more positivity [now].

“I think there was a moment when we played them in the League Cup, three days later we played against them at home and it was like icy and there was nobody in the stadium. It was really negative at the time so there’s been a big change but that’s good for them obviously.”

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