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Jurgen Klopp hammers ex-Lierpool star Didi Hamann after criticism

Jurgen Klopp has mocked former Liverpool player Didi Hamann, suggesting his comments are worthless after recent criticism.

A comment from Hamann was put to Klopp at his pre-match press conference ahead of Liverpool’s clash with Rangers on Wednesday and he did not take kindly to it.

A reporter put it to Klopp that it has been said that Liverpool need a spark as they struggle for consistency at the start of this campaign.

The Reds manager asked who had said Liverpool need a spark and when the reporter told him it was Hamann, the manager went on a remarkable rant.

‘Oh great, he’s a fantastic source, well respected everywhere,’ Klopp said sarcastically of his compatriot.

‘That [being a former Liverpool player] doesn’t give you the right to say what you want especially when you have no idea.

‘I actually think Didi Hamann doesn’t deserve that you use his phrase to ask me a question. ‘Do me a favour and ask your own question. Try to ask a question without the word spark, that’s the challenge now.’

Klopp may well have been irked by comments from Hamann this week as he suggested the Liverpool boss could be under pressure to keep his job if results don’t improve.

‘At some stage, I think we will have that discussion about the manager and I’m not sure how far we are off that,’ Hamann told talkSPORT.

‘He said that he still feels that he’s the right man to do it, but I see little things like Jordan Henderson midweek seeing his number going up and reluctantly taking his armband off and coming off, shaking his head.

‘This is something that we haven’t seen at Liverpool for five years. Maybe these are little signs that people have little problems with the team or even the manager.

‘The dynamics at Liverpool are no different to anywhere else and if the results aren’t there then the manager will come under pressure.’

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