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Ronaldo’s mother opens up on using witchcraft on son’s girlfriend, Georgina

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother Dolores Aveiro has released a statement to rubbish claims that she used witchcraft on her son’s partner Georgina Rodriguez.

Ronaldo and Rodriguez have been together since 2016 when they met in Madrid. They live in Saudi Arabia after the Portuguese star joined Al Nassr in the January transfer  window.

And there have appeared to be no problems between the Argentine model and his mother thus far.

But a Portuguese newspaper made outrageous claims that Aveiro had been accused of using witchcraft to separate the couple.

A Cuban psychic was behind the claims, saying that Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother never wanted the former Manchester United star to be with Georgina Rodriguez.

Aveiro has now released a statement to blast those claims and has activated her lawyers to clear her name. She said on Instagram:

“I affirm that today, May 16, 2023, I activated my lawyers to clear my good name for my family and for what they represent in my life. A piece of news was published in a well-known Portuguese newspaper (a newspaper that consequently uses and abuses my family’s name to promote itself) this news, false, slanderous and even macabre where it talks about horrible acts that possibly they would have ordered me to do to take away my happiness from one of them my children, this slander is false, malicious and unfounded.”

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Aveiro continued by displaying her outrage over her name being used in such a way. She wants to protect herself from such baseless claims:

“My good name will never be released in public, I will never allow such an unprofessional source to use my name in vain. I will go to the last consequences not only to protect myself and mine, but also prove that the sources, words and writings uttered until then, were merely perverse and absolutely baseless.”

Aveiro also spoke about the impact such allegations have on her family including her grandchildren:

“Some of my grandchildren already read and listen to people and criticism.And that is why I will not give up until this newspaper proves everything that was written today.”

Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez have two children together, with three of his other children born to surrogate mothers. They’re yet to be married, but their relationship has been on display on social media.

There were reports of a potential rift between Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez in 2021 when the Portugal international was at Old Trafford.

His mother defended Georgina amid reports about issues between the latter and Ronaldo at the time. Dolores said the model and influencer was a good support for her son (via The Sun):

“Yes, yes, she’s a good girl. Cristiano is an exemplary father but he has people to help. The children have nannies, and they have staff who do a lot of things. Four kids are a lot of work. Georgina is a great support to Cristiano, no doubt about it.”

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