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Joao Cancelo accuses Guardiola of telling ‘LIES’ & labels Man City as ‘ungrateful’

Joao Cancelo has openly criticized Pep Guardiola, accusing him of dishonesty and calling Manchester City “unappreciative” in a candid outburst.

In a revealing interview, Cancelo disputed Guardiola’s assertion that his departure was due to his reaction to being benched.

After a stint at Bayern Munich on loan, Cancelo transferred to Barcelona, where he has since made 32 appearances. He expressed his discontent with City’s behavior and Guardiola’s statements, yet he clarified that he harbors no resentment for not being part of the team’s triple triumph in the previous season.

Asked if he expected to embark on two successive loans in an interview with A Bola, Cancelo said: “No, I really didn’t think so, but I live my life by the moment. Certain things dictated that I was loaned last year to Bayern Munich.

“I have no regrets, even if City won the Champions League. I feel like I made the right choice, that I went to a club that really wanted me, even before renewing my contract. It was a club that gave me a lot in the six months I was there. I dealt with great players and the club is spectacular.

“Then I came here, lowered my salary and I’m not bothered by it in the slightest. This was the third time I was about to come to Barcelona and I’m finally here.”

Asked about Guardiola’s claim that he responded poorly to being left out of the side, Cancelo added: “Lies were told! I’ve never been a bad team-mate for them and you can ask either (Nathan) Ake or Rico (Lewis). I don’t have any superiority or inferiority complex towards them, but that’s the manager’s opinion.

“I stayed because it’s not true. I think Man City were a bit ungrateful to me when they said that, because I was a very important player in the years I was there. I never failed in my commitment to the club, to the fans and I always gave everything. I remember a time when I was robbed and attacked and the next day I was playing at the Emirates against Arsenal.

“These are things you don’t forget, I left my wife and daughter alone at home, terrified. People will only remember this because Mister Guardiola has much more power than me when he says something and I prefer to keep to myself. I prefer to know that I am telling the truth, I feel fulfilled with what I did.

“I am a transparent person, I never lie. Life goes on and I wish everything goes well, because while I was there I enjoyed my football and the team. They remain the favourite team to win the Champions League.”

João Cancelo’s tenure at Manchester City was marked by significant success, securing three Premier League titles and a League Cup victory.

During his time at Bayern Munich, he clinched the Bundesliga title for the 2022-23 season. His future at Barcelona holds potential for further accolades.

Barcelona is set to face Las Palmas in an upcoming La Liga match on Saturday, with Xavi’s team striving to close the gap on league frontrunners Real Madrid, who are currently eight points ahead.

While Cancelo is slated to return to Manchester City after his loan period concludes this summer, with a contract binding him to the Etihad Stadium until 2027, the decision of whether Pep Guardiola will welcome him back into the fold remains uncertain.

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